My name is Yusuf ODUKOYA. I am an indigene of Ogun, south-west Nigeria. I see myself as a research-driven hustler with a lot of mental energy and a burning enthusiasm for digital art and web technologies. I am an ardent lover of graphic design as an art. Writing code and designing graphic assets bring me a pure feeling of fulfilment!

I started my graphic design career when I was just 14 - Over a decade ago. However, I did not start rendering professional creative design services until after my first year as an undergraduate of Zoology at the University of Lagos. I was a freelance Graphic Designer all through my years at the university. It was also during this time that I taught myself HTML, CSS, JQuery, Wordpress and a set of other frontend Web design technologies.

Since 2007, I have acquired various concepts in both creative design and web development, some of which have become a part of my philosophy as a Creative Designer.

I earned my Bachelors degree (Zoology, Parasitology Option) in 2016 at the University of Lagos.

In July 2017, I was posted to Niger State, where I served as a Computer Studies teacher in the small village of Ibeto, Magama Local Government for a year.

Aside from earning a degree in Zoology, I have built several web based products, and I maintain a portfolio of inspiring graphic designs.

I have successfully completed a combined total of over 7, 000 advertising banners, brand guidelines, websites, user interface designs, and illustrative projects.

I have worked with entrepreneurs and Organizations from Germany, The United States, The UK, and East Africa. I have helped develop brand strategies, built "working" websites and designed logos and souvenirs for several small and medium-scale businesses. As a result, their respective businesses have witnessed significant growth.

I have a very diverse experience; having worked with a variety of industries - among them are Tech, Pharmaceutical, Agricultural, Legal, and most notably, the Advertising Industry. Others include Manufacturing, Cosmetics and Retail.

My first full-time work experience was at Ellae Creative, Where I worked for five months as an In-house Graphic Designer and Design Mentor.

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Yusuf Odukoya

Graphic Design

Front-end Web Design

Node JS

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Web Design Portfolio

Below is a list of websites I have designed and are currently under active maintenance by me

  1. Bostrad
    A multi-national Food Export & Agro-tech Company with branches in Nigeria and Vietnam
  2. Legal Bees UK
    Legal Bees is a London-based legal firm which was founded in March 2018. I also did complete brand identity design for this brand.
  3. Brams Music School
    Brams Music School is a notable music school offering outstanding standard music programs to individuals and educational institutions at all levels.
  4. Tektrotronics LLC
    Tektrotronics Limited Liability Company is a GSA-licensed supplier of office stationery, office tools, office furniture, electronics and janitorial items. They are based in Maryland, United States.
  5. Ire Ayo Hospital
    A small private general healthcare hospital located at Itako Quarters, Ijebu-Ife, Ogun State

Resource Archive (PDF Files)

Website Redesign Proposal
You are free to use this web design proposal as a template.
Graphic Design Workshop Proposal
You may gain inspiration from this if you plan to run a paid or sponsored design workshop for beginners.
Website Logo Presentation
You may use this if you quickly want to package a website logo before sending to a client

Tips, Tricks & Tools

Here, I would share with you some tools that I regularly use to boost my productivity. These tools have all had a great positive impact on my turn around time.
Remove background from images in 5 Seconds
World's largest repository of logos (vectorized)
Open-source repository of logos of Nigerian Companies
My go-to icon resource
Create loading animations from your logo
Get thousands of vector assets