My name is Yusuf ODUKOYA. I see myself as a research-driven Designer with a lot of mental stamina, resilience, and a burning enthusiasm for digital art and web technologies. I am an ardent lover of graphic design as an art. Writing code and designing graphic assets bring me a pure feeling of fulfilment!

I am an experienced freelance Brand Identity Designer with a demonstrated history of working in the Design Industry. Skilled in Video Editing, Illustrations, UI/UX Design, 3D, Contemporary Graphic Design, and Front-end Web Design.

I hold a Bachelor's degree focused in Parasitology from the prestigious University of Lagos.

Since 2007, I have acquired various concepts in both creative design and web development, some of which have become a part of my philosophy as a professional Creative Designer.

Yusuf enjoys working with brands. He is the Founder and Product Design Head at Branditechture Design & Branding Agency. He is also the owner of Learn With Yusuf - a site borne out of his love for imparting his knowledge on others.

I have built several production-level products which are still very much in use today.

I have successfully completed a combined total of over 7, 000 advertising banners, brand guidelines, websites, user interface designs, and illustrative projects.

I have worked with entrepreneurs and Organizations from Germany, The United States, The UK, and East Africa. I have helped develop brand strategies, built "working" websites and designed logos and souvenirs for several small and medium-scale businesses. As a result, their respective businesses have witnessed significant growth.

I have a very diverse experience; having worked with a variety of industries - among them are Tech, Pharmaceutical, Agricultural, Legal, and most notably, the Advertising Industry. Others include Manufacturing, Cosmetics and Retail.

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Yusuf Odukoya

Graphic Design

Front-end Web Design

Node JS

UX/UI Dedign


Web Design Portfolio

Below is a list of websites & web apps that I have designed & developed, and are currently under active maintenance by me

  1. You Should Be Heard
    A web app that facilitates reporting of sexual harassment among women in Nigeria. Data of location, time and narration of incident are visually represented on the map using cluster markers
  2. Tektrotronics LLC
    Tektrotronics Limited Liability Company is a GSA-licensed supplier of office stationery, office tools, office furniture, electronics and janitorial items. They are based in Maryland, United States.
  3. Bostrad
    A multi-national Food Export & Agro-tech Company with branches in Nigeria and Vietnam
  4. Legal Bees UK
    Legal Bees is a London-based legal firm which was founded in March 2018. I also did complete brand identity design for this brand.
  5. Brams Music School
    Brams Music School is a notable music school offering outstanding standard music programs to individuals and educational institutions at all levels.

Resource Archive (PDF Files)

Website Redesign Proposal
You are free to use this web design proposal as a template.
Graphic Design Workshop Proposal
You may gain inspiration from this if you plan to run a paid or sponsored design workshop for beginners.
Website Logo Presentation
You may use this if you quickly want to package a website logo before sending to a client

Tips, Tricks & Tools

Here, I would share with you some tools that I regularly use to boost my productivity. These tools have all had a great positive impact on my turn around time.
Remove background from images in 5 Seconds
World's largest repository of logos (vectorized)
Open-source repository of logos of Nigerian Companies
My go-to icon resource
Create loading animations from your logo
Get thousands of vector assets